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It was my own chronic illness that fuelled my interest in natural medicine. As a child, my grandmother would wrap poultices around my neck and paint my infected tonsils with glycerine and tannin. It really should have put me off, but it sparked my interest…

Since then I have completed a Bachelor of Science, and worked in areas of research and biotechnology, before returning to study nutrition, botanical medicine, iridology, counselling, remedial massage, oncology massage, and meditation. The Living Energy Technique is after years of practising meditation and continuing training with inspirational teachers, seekers and sages.

My aim is to inspire, teach, and support you to attain a higher level of wellbeing, vibrancy and peace.

My guiding principles involve treating the underlying cause of the problem, combining the traditional philosophy of natural medicine with the latest scientific research. My aim is to relieve symptoms quickly, safely, and effectively, while working towards long term health, wellbeing, vibrancy, and peace.

Appointments can be tailored to your requirements. Initial appointments can be 60, 75 or 90 minutes. Subsequent and continuing naturopathic appointments can be 30 minutes, or combined with massage.

Please feel free to fill in the form if you have any queries or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.